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Angie & Karl — Minted




Wedding Party

Tran Nguyen

Matron of Honor

Tran and Angie met in college when they were moved into the same Suite. Angie wasn't a big fan of Tran at first, but after realizing how awesome Tran was, they stayed friends ever since! Tran has never failed to give great fashion advice. If Angie is wearing something nice that Angie's mom notices, Mom will ask "did Tran get you that?"

Terry Price

Best Man

Let's face it, he's really just invited so Terry would bring Kobe (unoffical Grooms Dog).

Makoto awooooo

Best Doggo/Ring Bear

Mako Packo Pachaco Taco was adopted in July 2012. He is Angie's #1 man. Karl is a close 2nd. Mako's name comes from the actor who voiced General Iroh in the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Series. Unfortunately the actor died in the last season, so the creators made him a character in "The Legend of Korra" series. (But Mako the dog was named first!)

Autumn Nguyen & Summer Nguyen

Flower Gorillas

That is not a spelling error. 10 points to those who get the reference!

Sir Kobe Price

Mako's Groom's dog