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Angie & Karl — Minted




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Our Story

They met through a love of video games. In 2017 they were both Moderators (Mods) for Twitch streamer Linkus7. Back then, Snapchat was "a thing" and Angie and Karl started talking after Karl sent a selfie one day. After a few virtual dates and lots of chatting on Discord, Angie purchased a ticket to the UK. They met face to face in March of 2018. Karl took Angie to Stonehenge for their first date because she "wanted to see old stuff". After four years of long distance dating (and a pandemic), Karl proposed in Jan 2022 at Queen Victoria's Summer home, Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight with Angie's favo(u)rite candy, a roll of Fruitella (and a ring).

April 27, 2022 - Married at Redwood City Courthouse in California.
July 2022 - Applied for Angie's UK Spouse Visa
December 2022 - Visa approved!
January 2023 - Angie (and Mako) moved to the UK
April 2024 - We are SO excited to finally be able to have a proper celebration with our friends and family and have one HECK of a two year anniversary!